Principal Message

Dr. Banamali Panigrahy

An education institute is a temple of learning. The teachers are the priests of this temple. It is the responsibility of everyone to maintain the sanctity of the institution and to ensure that education be imparted in a conducive environment.

An education institution had been a centre of learning and character building in the past. Instead it has always been a centre of learning and character building. It is observed from different incidents happening around us that many students, tough intellectually bright are deprived of higher education as they don’t have the capital charged by self-financing institutions. However this institution provide quality education at a nominal fee as stipulated by the Govt. of Odisha.

After 35 years of struggle and sacrifice, this institution has come to the present state due to the contribution and support of committed teachers and managing committee. I promise to provide better facilities for the intellectual growth and career development of our students.

I invite parents and students to come to this temple for praying and realize the truth.

“Education require for all generation, there is no age bar, no time period and no Environmental support for learning. Always we should respect, learn and teach with proudly”.